Art Has No Rules


You can't teach a model how to pose because art has no rules. Unlike the photographer's job, which is sometimes very technical, a model's job is all about being. This isn't to say a model can't learn to pose, and herein lies the paradox. Throughout the course of a model's career, she will constantly be bombarded with tips and tricks on how she should pose. Photographers will tell her "never do this" or "always do that". 

I say screw em (not literally). It's like that popular saying "rules are made to be broken". If you're at the studio, in front of the camera, and a myriad of posing rules are going through your head, you are practicing a detrimental form of self-censorship. Your movements are predetermined and lack the spontaneity required to produce art. 

Learning how to pose isn't done by taking notes and adhering to all the rules. It's done with practice, intention, and authentic confidence. No matter how much the evil forces in this world try to eliminate individualism, as humans, we are all different. So why do we pretend that the same posing tips and tricks will work for everyone? 

It's incredibly difficult to even give advice to new models, because everyone's modeling journey is different. Some people will pretend that there are coveted secrets to modeling, and if you are privy to them, you will no doubt be an amazing model. This could not be further from reality. 

There are no secrets, just truth, and the truth is that good modeling does not result from striking poses. Good modeling comes from being, from feeling, from expressing. The only advice I can offer an aspiring model is to dive in with enthusiasm, create with intent, be authentic, find your style, and don't let people tell you what to do too often. 

Mood Boards - Use Them!


Posing. That's all anyone wants to hear about. Photographers want to know how to direct a model and models want to know how to pose. If you ask me, they are wasting their time. Digital forms of art, like photography, are unique because they involve a large and important technical aspect. Photography requires you to have a certain knowledge about your little box of technology that makes pictures. It is easy to get caught up in the mechanics. But this technical jargon - ISO, white balance, aperture, exposure, shutter speed - is where the rules end, because art has no rules. 

Photographers, if you are working with an actual model, you should not have to direct. In fact, you're more likely to ruin your model's "flow" than to accomplish that killer shot if you're just barking out orders. The best shots just happen, they aren't the result of the photographer taking five minutes to meticulously arrange all of the model's body parts exactly the way he thinks they should be. If you want to be an artist, take pictures of people, not poses. 

Establish a connection with your model. And no, this doesn't have to be intimate or complicated. The most important ingredient to making good photos isn't "posing", it's feeling. Art makes the viewer feel something, and it's the artist's job to create that feeling. So, rather than treating your model like a puppet, communicate to her what sort of feelings and moods you want the images to have. Once the model and photographer are on the same wavelength, they can just flow through the emotions. 

After this connection has been established, just let the model work her magic. Again, it's all about the flow. You may not like every single frame in the "set". It doesn't matter. Telling your model you don't like her "pose" is a big no no. Just take the shot and move on. Do not ruin your model's confidence. Now, if you don't like everything she is doing ... maybe you are not actually on the same page, or you need a better model! Regroup and try again.

An excellent way to establish the mood(s) for the shoot is to prepare a "mood board", or two, before the shoot. Mood boards are basically just a collection of images that resonate a similar feeling or vibe. They will save a lot of time versus trying to verbally explain what you are going for, especially if you're not the best at articulating such things. A lot of photographers use Pinterest for this, but you could save your mood board anywhere. When curating your mood board, stay away from simply gathering a bunch of unrelated images just because you like the particular pose. Sure, you could ask your model to copy or recreate different poses down a list, but that lacks spontaneity - a key component to art. If there are a handful of poses that you must try, sure, but I would recommend saving those for the end of the shoot to allow the model to achieve maximum artistic expression. 

Mood boards are incredibly underrated. Your model will thank you, your camera will thank you, and you will thank yourself for being prepared. Mood boards can help eliminate self censorship, they prevent your model from doing the same basic movements because she doesn't know what else to do. So, take my advice, have better photo shoots, be an artist. Tomorrow I will explain why you can't teach a model how to pose, because art has no rules. 

Permanently Banned From Model Mayhem

unnamed (2).png

Hypocritical, power hungry, wannabe internet overlords who preach tolerance and inclusion will stop at nothing to censor and bully anyone who clings to intellectual consistency. This afternoon I received two emails from Model Mayhem. The first:

This email is to inform you that your account has been removed from Model Mayhem for the following reason:

Content prohibited from our sites and services but is not limited to: offensive content

I guess they found my first blog post, which I copied to my Model Mayhem bio, to be "offensive content". 

Their second email was to my photography account:

This email is to inform you that your account has been removed from Model Mayhem for the following reason:

It appears that you have been previously removed. As noted in our Terms of Use and site rules, once you have been terminated from Model Mayhem you are not permitted to open or maintain any additional accounts.

When I contacted them directly to ask why exactly my account had been removed, this was their reply:

You had actions and behaviors that were reported to us that didn’t comply with our Terms of Use.

As a result, the Model Mayhem staff determined that you were no longer eligible for a member account on Model Mayhem and we have permanently removed your account in accordance with our Terms.

We understand that you may want to know more, but our Privacy Policy prohibits us from discussing this further.

While we know that this news may be upsetting, our decision is final.

Typical censorship cop out. I have been permanently banned from Model Mayhem. They can close their senses to the truth, they can try to pretend I don't exist, but I will sleep happy knowing that they will still see my photos, despite their greatest efforts to completely censor me, as I continue to travel the country making art. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share to help me fight censorship! 

Due to the mainstream modeling industry's war on independent individualism, the constant struggle against censorship, the ruthless character slander, and intolerance of "offensive" content, I need your help to enable me to produce quality art and reach more people with my message and advice. Your help is needed, and very much appreciated. 

Let Model Uncensored improve your photography and/or modeling with helpful tips and tricks, and humorously expose the hypocrisy of mainstream modeling. I can't do it without you having my back and helping to fund the mission!


Censorship Kills Art


Today, in our community, true photographic art is under attack from all directions. Leading the assault are the many voices which say nothing digital can ever honestly be called art. They would have you believe that sincere photographic art will share a coffin with film. For in an age where anyone can be a photographer - no one is a photographer. Beside these apologists of nihilism are other enemies of art, monopoly and bureaucracy. 

The average artist who wishes to 'stay true to thine self' is derailed more by the general mandates of popular cliques than active persecution. The sort of things that are working against a photographic artist are the concentration of views, likes, and shares in the hands of a few egotistical men, the grip of monopoly on social media, the unwillingness of the public to spend money on photo books, making it necessary for every artist to earn his living by hackwork, the involvement with communal studios and workshops, which help the artist to keep alive but also waste his time and dictate his opinions, and the continuous atmosphere of toxic feminism of recent years, whose distorting effects no one has been able to escape. 

Everything in our age conspires to turn the artist into an ambassador, working on themes handed to him from above and never achieving unsullied art. In a clique of artists, the idea of rebellion and artistic integrity are confused. Daring to stand alone is dangerous, in struggling against the current the artist gets no help from his own side. The independence of the artist is corroded by vague economic forces, and simultaneously sabotaged by those who should be its defenders.  

The opponents of artistic liberty attempt to submit their case as a plea for discipline versus individualism. In order to be taken seriously as a photographer, your work must conform to indistinct standards, regardless of individual merit. The artist who refuses to compromise his style is labeled a mere egoist, accused of residing in an ivory tower, or making an exhibitionist display of his own personality, or of resisting the current only in an endeavor to cling to unjustified privileges. 

Photographic art in our time consists almost entirely of young women in lingerie staring out windows, nude females soaking in colored baths, free spirited girls performing jumping jacks on train tracks, and voluptuous ladies arching their butts towards lenses. It is the unavoidable result of self censorship. To create true uninhibited art one has to think fearlessly, and if one thinks fearlessly one cannot be politically correct. There are only so many images you can create if you wish to fit in, and all of them artistic lies. As a result, the age of Instagram has produced terabytes of photos but almost nothing worth seeing.

While self censorship plagues aspiring artists, the bravest who overcome it are then violently silenced by tyrannical oppression. In 2014, the Barbican, a London arts center, cancelled controversial 'Exhibit B' after an angry mob deemed the 'human zoo' racist. The exhibit intended to confront European notions of racial supremacy and the current plight of immigrants by forcing audiences to engage with stories of exploitation. The same year, an Israeli company's music show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (who's slogan is "The world's greatest platform for creative freedom.") was cancelled after an incredibly disruptive Gaza protest. In 2013, black comedian Reginald D. Hunter was raked over the coals after saying the word 'nigger' at a stand up comedy show in London. 

In 2015 Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum announced its decision to change "offensive" artwork titles, referencing Mohammed, indians, negros, dwarfs, and eskimos. Earlier that year, rock and roll trailblazer and Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde was vehemently condemned for suggesting that it can be a woman's fault if she is raped. Chrissie bravely shared her story of being sexually assaulted at 21 years old by a biker gang while drunk, high on drugs, and provocatively dressed. Rather than supporting her and having honest conversations about women's safety, feminists attacked Chrissie for taking full responsibility, claiming she was in denial and victim blaming. 

Whether or not you agree with them, these artists deserve to be heard, not swept under a carpet. They are martyrs who show us part of a bigger terrifying trend that aims to prevent people from making any kind of honest art at all. Totalitarianism demands the artist to discard objective truth and comply with the consensus of group think. This destruction of intellectual liberty cripples the artist, his work now devoid of individual feeling or truthful observation. If the current climate of political correctness succeeds in replacing truth, art will perish with it. Any artist who succumbs to the totalitarian structure, who finds excuses for persecution and the falsification of reality, ultimately destroys himself as an artist. As George Orwell said, "The imagination, like certain wild animals, will not breed in captivity. And any [artist] who denies that fact is, in effect, demanding his own destruction." 

That Crazy Model Who Threatened Me


As some may know, I organized model photography workshops for a couple years in Denver. They were mostly great, but I did have the misfortune of hiring one model that was crazy. She was super late, so I already wasn't impressed, but when I got an email from one of the photographers a few months later, I was shocked. Here is the correspondence. For the sake of anonymity, we will just call her "Crazy Bitch". 

Crazy Bitch and myself have been exchanging emails, here is the last message she wrote,

"My nude pictures is part of the way I make my money. When I found my nude self online so easily with your pictures people won't be buying my membership. I don't give away my nudity like you are doing. So please, just either take the nude pictures down, censor them, or put them in a password protected album for friends/artists."

I find this totally unacceptable and is even against her own Model Agreement. If she is worried about her "pay site" then she should not take part in Meetup's like the one you so superbly organized. Not sure what to do? Please advise. It's not like this was a "free shoot".

In response, I sent a copy of the model release (again), reminded the photographer that it is legally binding, and advised him to simply ignore her ... and hope she goes away. What else could I do? But, that didn't work, instead, Crazy Bitch began to show how crazy she really is. 

You may take down those pictures immediately. Let me know when you want to meet and I will return the money you are owed. I want the copy of the model release you all bullied me into signing as I was trying to read, as well as all copies of my likeness in your possession. I want nothing to do with you professionally or personally due to your incredible lack of professionalism in this matter. If you cannot comply with my requests in a timely fashion I will take appropriate legal actions. Your response is required within 24 hours.

Why do you even want pictures of me on your site? Someone who really hates your guts and is about to ruin your reputation of you don't take the pictures down? And you want to keep them up?

Now, I really don't like conflict like this. I like to have happy customers, and this poor photographer that Crazy Bitch was attacking was certainly not a happy customer. So I tried to talk to Crazy Bitch myself ... to no avail. 

I will not apologize and I want all pictures down bc I want nothing to do with him professionally. I have standards. Unless you want his reputation ruined. Possibly yours, as well, all shots of me will be taken down.

There was clearly nothing I could do. I spoke to her but she would not listen to any reason and refused to accept the compromise I went out of my way to arrange for her. I had already decided to never work with her again and advised that the best thing would be to ignore/block her and move on. I was terribly sorry that a model I had hired could be so crazy, and was very much done trying to communicate with her. 

This is why I highly recommend always using a model release! You never know when you will encounter your own Crazy Bitch! You could be threatened with "legal action" and slander, with some delusional model claiming you bullied her into signing a release! Stay safe and sane out there! 





My Dream Shoot

2016-04-29 12.43.48-2.jpg

After four busy years of modeling, there is still one shot that I have been dying to get! My dream shoot would be so artistic and so original that everyone would be jealous that they did not think of it first. Publishers would be fighting over the rights to the images! It would be like nothing Instagram has ever seen before. I can only hope that someday I will find the right photographer to do my dream shoot with. 

It would be at a boudoir studio with perfect natural light. I would be wearing beautiful vintage lingerie and standing by the window.

The photographer would look at me and say "Ok, now play with the curtains." Click. 

"Hold the curtain gently, and look out the window like you're waiting for your boyfriend to come home." Click. Click. Click. 

"Imagine you've been waiting all day." Click. Click. Click. 

"Give me a sexy look, like how you would look if he was almost home." Click. Click. Click. 

I can almost picture the images, they would be so beautiful, so soft and longing. The photos would be so powerful. After posting them on Instagram, everyone would say "Wow! She really wants her boyfriend to come home." Viewers would never be the same again after seeing such an original work of art. Now you understand why this is my dream shoot! Don't steal my idea or I will sue you! 


Social Media Makes People Insane


I wish the following message was satire, but I couldn't make something up this ... weird. Enjoy?

"This is going to be one of the best things you’ve ever done for you will (for the most part) be clothed but totally emotionally naked!"

One of the best things I've ever done? Wow, what a statement! I can't imagine how you could possibly fall short on that promise. Oh! It will be the best thing I've ever done because I will be clothed? So ... you don't think nudity is acceptable? Oh wait, mostly clothed! So ... nudity is only kind of acceptable? I'm trying to follow your logic, but I'm confused! I know you know I'm a nude model ... but by your logic I should be (for the most part) ashamed of my nudity, and thrilled to grovel my emotions at your feet.

"There is SO FUCKING much more inside of you know one has ever extracted I want to go in there in and find you. Not only the reclusive little girl who’s there based on life experiences but the woman who can fuck like an animal and has so much anger to let loose."


"You will be exhausted after this shoot because it will require that you reveal more of who YOU are than your body. Your body is beautiful but that spirit that lives within you - OMG - that is who I want as my friend and muse. She has been hurt so much that all she has to give is her creative self and there is so much tasteful/passionate creativity we can do together.

I am not quite back - but I AM COMING BACK! When I Am back, watch out. The things I’ve seen where I’ve been (inside) are nothing like I’ve seen on the outside (FB/IG).

Does this make sense? This is ART. Tits and ass is easy. Feeling which make people feel - OH MY MY - this is what we are going to do my little angle. I want people to see our images and feel our PAIN, feel our longing, feel our COMMITMENT TO FEELING LOVE, no matter the cost. I want people to see and feel that it is out of our control, WE ARE VICTIMS OF LOVE and for us, THE ONLY THING that matters in our lives is LOVE!!!!!"

Oh my my, my little angel (ps, that's how you spell angel). What is this secret 'inside' world you speak of? Could it be reality ... life as it was meant to be lived? Receiving this psychologist's giggle of a letter only proves that social media and city living make people insane.

When you spend too much time on social media, you forget how to have actual social interactions, like how to talk to a prospective model. You seek empathy and approval online, and rely on such feedback for your happiness. The impact of this behavior includes long term psychological effects like depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more. 

A population addicted to social media and city living all too well resembles Calhoun's mice - utter social disorder. At the peak of Calhoun's experiment, males did not defend territory, females became aggressive, taking the role of the territorial male. Excess males strived for acceptance, were rejected and withdrew. Violence and rat homosexuality became widespread, with male rats assuming the female role. Pregnancies declined and nearly all young were prematurely abandoned by their mothers. 

By the end of the experiment, the capacity for reproduction had been completely eliminated and a new group of individuals had emerged, called "the beautiful ones". The beautiful ones didn't breed or fight or do anything but eat and groom and sleep. They never developed social behaviors, such as defending their homes, having sex, and caring for their young. They did not engage in any social activity, only caring for themselves. Even though the beautiful ones groomed themselves into fine looking creatures, they were actually very stupid and could not cope with stimuli. 

We may not be mice, but we are indeed becoming the pitiful leftovers of a failed utopian society. We are becoming infertile stupid creatures unable to cope, self obsessed with our social media image, and we know it! That is the wonderful difference between us and mice - we are phenomenally conscious. If you are hanging on by a thread, clinging to the last fragment of your soul, wondering where all the love went and chasing it with all you've got left - deep down, you know! You are phenomenally conscious; you can feel what it is like to be one of these decrepit beings, and you want out

So where is the love? You certainly won't find it by projecting your issues onto a freelance model or unfairly expecting her to heal your broken soul. Instead, say no to that downtown city loft apartment. Log off social media. Find a beautiful piece of property out in the real world, defend it, have sex (the consensual child bearing kind), and care for your young. You will know love and peace and achieve transcendence. You will know, without a doubt, what it is like to be human. 

Obesity is Unhealthy


Should drawing attention to the fact that obesity is incredibly unhealthy be considered a form of politically incorrect discrimination? Should discouraging people from over eating be discarded as "fat shaming"? Should merely discussing obesity in a negative light be labeled a "hate crime"? Doesn't matter! We don't live in a logical society, we live in a politically correct society. 

The fat acceptance movement preaches body positivity - despite the fact that being fat damages your body. Doesn't matter that obesity is a serious, chronic, life threatening disease. Doesn't matter that obesity causes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, some cancers (endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder, and liver), body pain, difficulty with physical functioning, clinical depression, anxiety, and death. 

In an effort to combat "patriarchal beauty standards", progressives created a harmful mindset that encourages detrimental health practices. Political correctness is dangerous. It can forbid you from expressing concern for your loved one who is spiraling down the ruinous self destructive path of obesity. It can turn a worried friend into a hateful bigot. It can literally kill you. 

Stop Making Me Look Short!

Know your angles! I repeat, KNOW YOUR ANGLES! In my opinion, the hardest thing about learning photography has nothing to do with lighting. Rather, the most difficult concept to grasp is knowing good angles. You could be a lighting wizard and have the best supermodel alive in front of your camera and still take a horrible photo if you don't know your angels. 

In this video by From Head To Toe, youtuber Jen drops some much needed advice! Being just 4 foot 11 inches, Jen knows exactly what I'm talking about when I scold photographers to stop making me look short! After watching this short video (pun intended), photographers will have the insight they need to make any model look tall and lengthy! But models! Let's not make photographers do all the work! Jen has some posing advice that will make your photographer appreciate you! 

Opposing FOSTA-SESTA Was Selfish and Dumb


After SESTA's passage in March, you would have thought the world was ending. Models and photographers across the board claimed their lives would be ruined and the modeling industry as we knew it would cease to exist. Sex workers said it would literally kill them

Yvonne Ambrose, whose 16 year old daughter was murdered after being prostituted on, was present as the legislation was signed. This was soon after 7 executives for Backpage were arrested on a 93 count indictment for facilitating prostitution and laundering millions of dollars in profits. Teenage girls were sold for sex and murdered, an unforeseen consequence of the Communications Decency Act, which protected website hosts, regardless if you were a scumbag pimp or not. 

SESTA gave the families of these victims closure. It gave prosecutors the tools they need to make sure no online business can follow in Backpage's footsteps. SESTA did exactly what it is named for - Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers. 

Sex workers everywhere shouted that they would not be safe under the bill; I wonder if their pimps told them to say that? Hate to burst your bubble sweetie, but you will never be completely safe as an illegal prostitute. If a man is willing to pay you for sex, it follows that his moral compass is compromised. If a man cannot abide by "thou shall not commit adultery" or "thou shall not pay women for sex" what's to stop him from abiding by "thou shall not kill"? Additionally, if a man is willing to break one law (paying you for sex), what's to stop him from breaking another (murdering you)?

Let's be honest, protesting that a new law will make it more difficult to break the law is downright ludicrous.  If you think prostitution should be legal, that's your prerogative, but you don't have to enable degenerate pimps to achieve your goal. You want effective activism? Try "Feminists for Escort Legalization and Liberation from Pimps"! Prosecuting the middle man - AKA the dirtbag pimps - is a good thing. Pimps do not want prostitution to be legal. If prostitution were legal, you wouldn't need your pimp, and he would have to find some other way to be a greedy deviant pig. 

But it wasn't just sex workers uniting against FOSTA. Claims that this legislation was "taking a massive toll on the modeling industry" and that you could spend 10 years in prison for sharing nude photos on the internet, are not only absurd - they are wildly selfish. Opponents of the bill said "But one wouldn’t charge a hotel with a crime if a prostitute was soliciting on their property, right? If this metaphor were a reality in the physical world, hotels would likely be enforcing dress codes punishable by jail time. That doesn’t make sense, does it?".

No, it doesn't make sense. Hotels already enforce prostitution laws. If a hotel reasonably suspects illegal prostitution activity on its premises, it will kick you out. Otherwise, it's called a brothel, which are illegal in almost every state. Brothel owners are prosecuted and convicted of knowingly participating in prostitution, just like the slimeballs from Backpage!  

I'm going to cut right to the chase. Freelance models opposing FOSTA-SESTA was no more than a selfish agenda born out of the paranoia that they would be unable to continue to sell borderline erotic content on the mostly unregulated pay site, Patreon. Models rallied to convince photographers that portfolio and image sharing websites would be shut down, unless they stopped the discriminatory legislation. Suddenly, models who had previously expressed disdain for the pornography industry became the loudest supporters of sex workers. Some even claimed that they themselves are sex workers, despite not having sex for work. 

The truth is, the federal government does not give two shits about your photos of naked models staring out windows, soaking in milk baths, hugging pillows, or dancing on train tracks, provided they are of legal age. Photographers who have already been checking IDs and filing 2257s for years (like they should have been) have absolutely nothing to be concerned about! But if you're a fauxtographer who found his "models" in the personals section of Craigslist, you might be worried! 


Why I #WalkedAway From #MeToo


In an article titled "11 ways men can respond productively to #MeToo" feminists were not satisfied (surprise) with men exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome by apologizing for their misogynistic behavior online. They asked all men to move beyond social media confessions:

1) Let it make you uncomfortable. Avoid a defensive “not all men” response. Even if you haven’t personally sexually assaulted a woman, this is part of our culture, therefore you are responsible.

2) Avoid complimenting girls and women on their appearances. 

3) Start paying attention to the way you look at women. If the first thing you do when you see a woman on the street is scan her up and down to evaluate her fuckability, stop that.

4) Stop treating all women as potential sex partners. 

5) Refuse to consume pornography or pay for sex. 

6) Have you treated women badly during sexual encounters? Acknowledge this and apologize. Do not expect a response. Do not expect to be forgiven. Do not expect anything at all. Don’t ask for anything from the women you have victimized or hurt. Don’t make excuses. 

7) Quietly fund feminist events, media, and organizations. You don’t need to brag about this on social media — the point is not for you to be rewarded.

8) Volunteer to be part of the clean up crew for a feminist event. Volunteer to cook. Volunteer to help with childcare. Do whatever else feminists ask you to do so that their event can be a success.

9) Learn to listen. Avoid dominating conversations. Men spend a lot of time talking over women and need to spend more time listening, as males are socialized not to be aware of the space they take up in the world. This is just one example of how male entitlement manifests itself. This behavior discourages men from empathizing with women and working to better understand women’s experiences.

10) Do not neutralize issues that are not gender neutral. It is not helpful to insist that male violence against women is a “human issue.” It is not helpful to say that “rape culture is genderless.” It is not helpful to say you’re against “all violence.” Yes, men experience violence and abuse at the hands of other men, but that doesn’t negate the fact that male violence against women is systemic. Responding in this way is essentially “All Lives Matter-ing” women. #MeToo is about holding men accountable for the violence they perpetrate against women.

11) Understand that, as a man, you will never fully be able to relate to what women experience on a day-to-day basis, under patriarchy. There has not been a single day in the history of the world that a woman has not been raped or beaten by a man. Women live in fear, every day, of male violence. Women’s lives are shaped by rape culture and the male gaze in all sort of ways, big and small. Believe us when we tell you about those experiences. Believe us when we tell you it is a big deal. Believe that we aren’t simply being dramatic or seeking attention. 

Wowza! Where do I begin?! And how did they miss the irony? Asserting that all men share a societal burden of abusing women and must always ultimately be the accountable party regardless of your own actions (or lack thereof) does NOT empower women, quite the opposite. When you force an entire group of people to feel guilty for something they did not do - you are the oppressor

I'm sure we could go on and on about the idiocracy. I do not subscribe to the feminist notion that women are weak and stupid. Too stupid to know what men might want when they ask you to 'go back to their place' late at night. Too weak to withstand a drooling male gaze without becoming a victim. 

The sad thing is, some men actually buy this crap! It has turned them into perpetually nervous creatures of fear, always walking on eggshells. They show up to our photo shoot with their sweaty heads full of this misguided ideology, eager to stammer through their introductory speech:

"I just want to start by saying that I'm not like a lot of those other photographers you work with. I don't want to date you or anything like that. I won't touch you inappropriately. I'm not one of those weirdos. I just want to get some good images of you, but I want to make sure you're comfortable at all times. I was actually thinking we could do some 'MeToo' inspired photos, I just want to show the world how much I respect women and how nudity isn't just about being sexy. I think it will be really empowering for you, like an Amazon warrior vibe!"

Okaaayyyyyy buddy. Obviously you've been listening to one too many "horror stories" from victimized feminist "models", because contrary to what you think, the vast majority of my clients could not be less creepy! In my four years of modeling, I have never been scared of a photographer "trying to date me", nor have any tried or touched me inappropriately. If I wasn't comfortable being nude, I would not be a nude model! You make sure I'm comfortable being naked, but you don't ask if I'm comfortable with your feminist concepts. I can assure you that I will not feel empowered after taking the photos that you want to take to validate your sentiments. 

And that's why I #WalkedAway from #MeToo. 

New Instagram - Censored By Facebook


The election meddling, data sharing, propaganda funding, fascist social media giant known as Facebook has censored me! My Instagram was deleted without notice and with no reason given. But rather than appeal their decision, I appeal from their customs. 

At first I was just another freelance model unwittingly selling her soul piece by piece to travel the country. I did what they all do. I blindly supported feminism - why wouldn't I, being female? I had over 40,000 Instagram followers, mostly fans from cultures where women are abused. I made a Patreon and shamelessly sold nude photos of myself to aforementioned fans. I was beginning to hate my job but couldn't quite understand why.

Then it struck me. I had left behind logic, truth, and honest art to welcome the chaotic gobbledygook and accepted hypocrisy that was required to fit in. I realized that my efforts to maintain social status and avoid ostracism actually annihilated my individuality. I had forgotten what it means to be an artist. Artists take a stand, take the work personally, and don't care if someone disagrees. An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.

I must be myself, my artistic integrity depends on it. If you can love me for what I am, we will be happier. If you cannot, I will still seek to deserve that you should. I will not hide my tastes or aversions. I cannot sell my liberty and my power, to save your sensibility. Besides, everyone has their moments of reason, when they look out into the region of absolute truth; then they will justify me and do the same thing. 

In this era of weaponized sensitivity, anyone who voices an opinion contrary to ‘politically correct think’ is immediately given a defaming label, such as racist and bigot. The consequence is social paranoia which dissuades free thought and expression.

How handy for the American-hating, Jew-killing, women-abusing, multireligious-intolerant, homo-hanging Muslims. How convenient for the men who claim they are authentic when they say they are actually women, and that your kids need puberty blockers. How suitable for the third wave feminazis who want equality without accountability and the legal right to murder their own offspring. 

Political correctness and censorship are no longer about protecting the marginalized. It's a tool used to push agenda and persecute others, because persecuting people is fun and easier than thinking for yourself. With the filthy poison of identity politics, the encouragement of victimhood, and the suppression of free thought and speech, society willingly moves toward a totalitarian state. Now who wants to suffer that?

Not me! I will not be silenced. I will not be held prisoner to fear. Bring on the angry villagers with their digital torches and metaphorical pitchforks. Like the great Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, I will not conform. So please, give my new Instagram @model_uncensored a follow, and thank you for your support. 

Model Uncensored is my long lost soul liberated in the form of pure artistic expression and daily blog articles featuring advice for amateur photographers and models. Mainstream modeling topics will be addressed honestly with humor and satire in the most unfiltered and unapologetic way.