My Dream Shoot

2016-04-29 12.43.48-2.jpg

After four busy years of modeling, there is still one shot that I have been dying to get! My dream shoot would be so artistic and so original that everyone would be jealous that they did not think of it first. Publishers would be fighting over the rights to the images! It would be like nothing Instagram has ever seen before. I can only hope that someday I will find the right photographer to do my dream shoot with. 

It would be at a boudoir studio with perfect natural light. I would be wearing beautiful vintage lingerie and standing by the window.

The photographer would look at me and say "Ok, now play with the curtains." Click. 

"Hold the curtain gently, and look out the window like you're waiting for your boyfriend to come home." Click. Click. Click. 

"Imagine you've been waiting all day." Click. Click. Click. 

"Give me a sexy look, like how you would look if he was almost home." Click. Click. Click. 

I can almost picture the images, they would be so beautiful, so soft and longing. The photos would be so powerful. After posting them on Instagram, everyone would say "Wow! She really wants her boyfriend to come home." Viewers would never be the same again after seeing such an original work of art. Now you understand why this is my dream shoot! Don't steal my idea or I will sue you!