That Crazy Model Who Threatened Me


As some may know, I organized model photography workshops for a couple years in Denver. They were mostly great, but I did have the misfortune of hiring one model that was crazy. She was super late, so I already wasn't impressed, but when I got an email from one of the photographers a few months later, I was shocked. Here is the correspondence. For the sake of anonymity, we will just call her "Crazy Bitch". 

Crazy Bitch and myself have been exchanging emails, here is the last message she wrote,

"My nude pictures is part of the way I make my money. When I found my nude self online so easily with your pictures people won't be buying my membership. I don't give away my nudity like you are doing. So please, just either take the nude pictures down, censor them, or put them in a password protected album for friends/artists."

I find this totally unacceptable and is even against her own Model Agreement. If she is worried about her "pay site" then she should not take part in Meetup's like the one you so superbly organized. Not sure what to do? Please advise. It's not like this was a "free shoot".

In response, I sent a copy of the model release (again), reminded the photographer that it is legally binding, and advised him to simply ignore her ... and hope she goes away. What else could I do? But, that didn't work, instead, Crazy Bitch began to show how crazy she really is. 

You may take down those pictures immediately. Let me know when you want to meet and I will return the money you are owed. I want the copy of the model release you all bullied me into signing as I was trying to read, as well as all copies of my likeness in your possession. I want nothing to do with you professionally or personally due to your incredible lack of professionalism in this matter. If you cannot comply with my requests in a timely fashion I will take appropriate legal actions. Your response is required within 24 hours.

Why do you even want pictures of me on your site? Someone who really hates your guts and is about to ruin your reputation of you don't take the pictures down? And you want to keep them up?

Now, I really don't like conflict like this. I like to have happy customers, and this poor photographer that Crazy Bitch was attacking was certainly not a happy customer. So I tried to talk to Crazy Bitch myself ... to no avail. 

I will not apologize and I want all pictures down bc I want nothing to do with him professionally. I have standards. Unless you want his reputation ruined. Possibly yours, as well, all shots of me will be taken down.

There was clearly nothing I could do. I spoke to her but she would not listen to any reason and refused to accept the compromise I went out of my way to arrange for her. I had already decided to never work with her again and advised that the best thing would be to ignore/block her and move on. I was terribly sorry that a model I had hired could be so crazy, and was very much done trying to communicate with her. 

This is why I highly recommend always using a model release! You never know when you will encounter your own Crazy Bitch! You could be threatened with "legal action" and slander, with some delusional model claiming you bullied her into signing a release! Stay safe and sane out there!