Descent Into Androgyny

I always find it both honorable and amusing to watch male artists strive to capture inner beauty in the female form. Honorable because I believe this desire to capture beauty is one of the greatest things ever to come out of western civilization, and amusing because it always holds a certain degree of impossibility, and I get to enjoy from my inner womanly perspective. It is a paradox indeed. To capture beauty, men must engage in the ages long discussion of the female form and how it is seen as a sex object. Already the woman is sexualized, for without sex, what is the point of beauty? There is none.

Throughout history, it is evident that falling civilizations tend to put androgyny on a pedestal. You can even see this in Calhoun’s mice experiment, which has been performed over and over again to yield the same result. Attempts at utopia always fail and end in a bizarre and sexless culture on the brink of death. Current feminism seeks to achieve an impossible utopia: readjust society, eliminate sexual inequality, purify sex roles, and happiness and harmony will reign. In its mangled endeavor to modify gender roles, feminism defines men as oppressive tyrants but demands they behave as nurturant supporters.  Feminism sees every hierarchy as oppressive, a social fiction; every negative about women is a male lie designed to keep her in place. Feminism has far exceeded its proper mission of seeking political equality for women and has ended by rejecting contingency, that is, human limitation by nature or fate. In its delusional quest to remove power from sex, feminism has sought to destroy the ultimate truth and reality found in nature. Sex is power. Rather than accepting man’s protections of beauty, feminism rejects them, along with reality and truth. When truth and reality die, art dies with them.

There are only so many images you can create working within the limits imposed by modern feminism, and all of them artistic lies. Picasso once said “art is a lie that makes us see the truth”. But if you remove truth, if you remove gender, all you have left are lies. Pretty lies, maybe, but lies nonetheless. In the modeling and photography industry I have witnessed an enormous movement toward showcasing androgyny, such a poor attempt at fighting nature with art. There is no truth behind it, only rebellion. Gender, which we have not chosen but which nature has imposed on us, is outrageously tormenting to modern feminism. Androgyny is their blueprint for sexual utopia, it has been politicized as a weapon against the masculine principle. Redefined, it now means that men must be like women and women can be whatever they like.

Androgyny is a cancellation of male concentration and projection. This male will-to-power, this ability to conceptualize, is what has given men a natural and historical dominance over art. Remove masculinity, and you remove art and beauty, along with the many protections for women under a male driven western civilization. Female beauty can never be whole without the “toxic masculine gaze” that modern feminists would have you run from, hence the infinite and paradoxical dance of the sexes. But beware. Beauty, truth, and art may be slipping from our culture entirely as we are led astray on the path with no end towards an unreachable utopia. So book a photo shoot with me ASAP! Lest our current culture devours our God given sexuality.

Allie Summers1 Comment