Social Media Makes People Insane


I wish the following message was satire, but I couldn't make something up this ... weird. Enjoy?

"This is going to be one of the best things you’ve ever done for you will (for the most part) be clothed but totally emotionally naked!"

One of the best things I've ever done? Wow, what a statement! I can't imagine how you could possibly fall short on that promise. Oh! It will be the best thing I've ever done because I will be clothed? So ... you don't think nudity is acceptable? Oh wait, mostly clothed! So ... nudity is only kind of acceptable? I'm trying to follow your logic, but I'm confused! I know you know I'm a nude model ... but by your logic I should be (for the most part) ashamed of my nudity, and thrilled to grovel my emotions at your feet.

"There is SO FUCKING much more inside of you know one has ever extracted I want to go in there in and find you. Not only the reclusive little girl who’s there based on life experiences but the woman who can fuck like an animal and has so much anger to let loose."


"You will be exhausted after this shoot because it will require that you reveal more of who YOU are than your body. Your body is beautiful but that spirit that lives within you - OMG - that is who I want as my friend and muse. She has been hurt so much that all she has to give is her creative self and there is so much tasteful/passionate creativity we can do together.

I am not quite back - but I AM COMING BACK! When I Am back, watch out. The things I’ve seen where I’ve been (inside) are nothing like I’ve seen on the outside (FB/IG).

Does this make sense? This is ART. Tits and ass is easy. Feeling which make people feel - OH MY MY - this is what we are going to do my little angle. I want people to see our images and feel our PAIN, feel our longing, feel our COMMITMENT TO FEELING LOVE, no matter the cost. I want people to see and feel that it is out of our control, WE ARE VICTIMS OF LOVE and for us, THE ONLY THING that matters in our lives is LOVE!!!!!"

Oh my my, my little angel (ps, that's how you spell angel). What is this secret 'inside' world you speak of? Could it be reality ... life as it was meant to be lived? Receiving this psychologist's giggle of a letter only proves that social media and city living make people insane.

When you spend too much time on social media, you forget how to have actual social interactions, like how to talk to a prospective model. You seek empathy and approval online, and rely on such feedback for your happiness. The impact of this behavior includes long term psychological effects like depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more. 

A population addicted to social media and city living all too well resembles Calhoun's mice - utter social disorder. At the peak of Calhoun's experiment, males did not defend territory, females became aggressive, taking the role of the territorial male. Excess males strived for acceptance, were rejected and withdrew. Violence and rat homosexuality became widespread, with male rats assuming the female role. Pregnancies declined and nearly all young were prematurely abandoned by their mothers. 

By the end of the experiment, the capacity for reproduction had been completely eliminated and a new group of individuals had emerged, called "the beautiful ones". The beautiful ones didn't breed or fight or do anything but eat and groom and sleep. They never developed social behaviors, such as defending their homes, having sex, and caring for their young. They did not engage in any social activity, only caring for themselves. Even though the beautiful ones groomed themselves into fine looking creatures, they were actually very stupid and could not cope with stimuli. 

We may not be mice, but we are indeed becoming the pitiful leftovers of a failed utopian society. We are becoming infertile stupid creatures unable to cope, self obsessed with our social media image, and we know it! That is the wonderful difference between us and mice - we are phenomenally conscious. If you are hanging on by a thread, clinging to the last fragment of your soul, wondering where all the love went and chasing it with all you've got left - deep down, you know! You are phenomenally conscious; you can feel what it is like to be one of these decrepit beings, and you want out

So where is the love? You certainly won't find it by projecting your issues onto a freelance model or unfairly expecting her to heal your broken soul. Instead, say no to that downtown city loft apartment. Log off social media. Find a beautiful piece of property out in the real world, defend it, have sex (the consensual child bearing kind), and care for your young. You will know love and peace and achieve transcendence. You will know, without a doubt, what it is like to be human.