My Dream Shoot

After four busy years of modeling, there is still one shot that I have been dying to get! My dream shoot would be so artistic and so original that everyone would be jealous that they did not think of it first. Publishers would be fighting over the rights to the images! It would be like nothing Instagram has ever seen before. I can only hope that someday I will find the right photographer to do my dream shoot with. 

No More Group Shoots

Most of all, I hope I can encourage my fellow models to be stronger than I was, and to just leave if they find themselves in a situation like this one. Together we can force these fauxtographers out of our industry and back into the strip clubs where they belong. 

Social Media Makes People Insane

"There is SO FUCKING much more inside of you know one has ever extracted I want to go in there in and find you. Not only the reclusive little girl who’s there based on life experiences but the woman who can fuck like an animal and has so much anger to let loose." 

Obesity is Unhealthy

Should drawing attention to the fact that obesity is incredibly unhealthy be considered a form of politically incorrect discrimination? Should discouraging people from over eating be discarded as "fat shaming"? Should merely discussing obesity in a negative light be labeled a "hate crime"? Doesn't matter! We don't live in a logical society, we live in a politically correct society

Stop Making Me Look Short!

Know your angles! I repeat, KNOW YOUR ANGLES! In my opinion, the hardest thing about learning photography has nothing to do with lighting. Rather, the most difficult concept to grasp is knowing good angles. You could be a lighting wizard and have the best supermodel alive in front of your camera and still take a horrible photo if you don't know your angels. 

Opposing FOSTA-SESTA Was Selfish and Dumb

I'm going to cut right to the chase. Freelance models opposing FOSTA-SESTA was no more than a selfish agenda born out of the paranoia that they would be unable to continue to sell borderline erotic content on the mostly unregulated pay site, Patreon. Models rallied to convince photographers that portfolio and image sharing websites would be shut down, unless they stopped the discriminatory legislation. Suddenly, models who had previously expressed disdain for the pornography industry became the loudest supporters of sex workers. Some even claimed that they themselves are sex workers, despite not having sex for work. 

Why I #WalkedAway From #MeToo

"I just want to start by saying that I'm not like a lot of those other photographers you work with. I don't want to date you or anything like that. I won't touch you inappropriately. I'm not one of those weirdos. I just want to get some good images of you, but I want to make sure you're comfortable at all times. I was actually thinking we could do some 'MeToo' inspired photos, I just want to show the world how much I respect women and how nudity isn't just about being sexy. I think it will be really empowering for you, like an Amazon warrior vibe!"

New Instagram - Censored By Facebook

The election meddling, data sharing, propaganda funding, fascist social media giant known as Facebook has censored me! My Instagram was deleted without notice and with no reason given. But rather than appeal their decision, I appeal from their customs.